Demand Generation

Demand & Lead Generation are seen by many marketers as a necessary evil. However, used in the right context as part of a bigger marketing strategy, it can be incredibly effective at each stage of the buyer journey.

It also offers hugely diverse ways to market, can engage audiences throughout the sales funnel and most importantly is measurable against each stage of the user journey.

It can be deployed using simple methods such as content syndication but is best served as part of an integrated approach (like Search, Demand Generation should ideally be used on an ongoing basis, with each element moving the user through the funnel).

It dovetails well with other marketing activity and can be used on and offline alike.

Demand & Lead Generation – hugely diverse ways to market

Top of Funnel

Generating Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) through the use of specific content allows brands to put their assets directly into the hands of interested parties. Syndication of content such as blogs, videos, infographics & podcasts can deliver a high volume of MQLs.


Targets individuals who have engaged with initial brand assets; a more qualified MQL+ who is demonstrating a higher level of interest in the brand service / product. Strategic content such as eBooks, case studies, demos & longer form ‘viewpoint’ content work well here.

Bottom of Funnel

Generation of Sales Qualified / Ready Leads (SQLs/ SRLs) designed to provide a deep level of information and potentially high % level pipeline. Persona-based sales enablement content, case studies, showcase articles are key to help account teams move to a sale close.

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