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The way in which businesses communicate has changed beyond recognition.

As marketing and media technology evolves at breakneck speed, marketers are under massive pressure to not only keep up, but to get ahead.

We have some news for you: stop trying.

Get the basics right and make the tools work for you. It sounds simple and in many ways it is – as long as the correct building blocks are in place.

AEGA helps marketers create a solid foundation by stripping away the fluff and focusing on a set of clear principles.

Get the basics right and make the tools work for you

Who we are

We’ve been in the game a while – over 23 years in fact. As a result we’ve seen it all – the good, the fantastic, the incredible – and inevitably the bad, awful and the downright appalling.

So we thought “hold on, we know what we’re doing, let’s pass on that knowledge and do something good with it”.

And so AEGA was born.


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B2B Marketing may have mutated into a labyrinth of data points and dashboards, but there remains a fundamental truth: potential customers need to understand what problem you are solving and be provided with a reason to care.

At AEGA we use this as the starting point in every project, because if your business struggles to answer those, all the data in the world won’t change the outcome of your marketing efforts.

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