Account Based Marketing (ABM)

Account Based Marketing (ABM) is now a central pillar of B2B marketing; if you’re not currently deploying ABM it’s something you should consider.

There are different forms of ABM but one core tenet is true: ABM is not a tactic, but a strategy. We’ve seen many marketers fall foul of taking a purely tactical approach to ABM and as a result we treat ABM slightly differently.

We focus on the strategy first, using insight-based overviews of the target group. These are conducted, analysed and the results used to identify the most effective ways in which to engage. Only once this understanding of the audience is known can tactics be decided upon and activated.

ABM – not a tactic, but a strategy

Strategic ABM

Treating each account as if it was a market of one, this 1:1 approach is a tried and tested ABM tactic; most effective for large enterprises with multiple stakeholders.

Targeted ABM

If your target group of prospects falls into a number between 10-100 organisations (often referred to as Tier 2), this 1: Few ABM approach is usually the right way to engage.

Programmatic ABM

A useful tactic to both target specific segments of your prospect list at scale and supplement other ABM approaches using marketing automation tools.

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