Content: Auditing & Creation

Content trends change like the seasons, but one thing remains constant – audiences react more positively to authentic, problem-solving collateral.

There has been a tendency within B2B content to be vendor-centric, which in our experience alienates readers who are already bombarded with marketing collateral.

We work closely with our clients to foster content from the recipients’ perspective, thus ensuring the themes and topics covered are helpful and informative in tone.

We also provide content assessments and gap analyses of existing assets and suggest ways in which to optimise your content strategy.

Audiences respond positively to authentic, problem-solving collateral


Too much of the wrong type of content; not enough of the right type; or simply not enough content – we’ve seen it all. The starting point is to assess what is available and what can be curated, repurposed or created.


Whatever the requirement we work with our clients to ensure two things: any content has a specific purpose and is designed to have multiple uses, thus maximising its effectiveness.


The type of content usually determines what tactic it’s best used for; understanding what works best strategically is critically important, and we deliver content plans to ensure the correct alignment is in place.

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